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Black onyx necklace with pearls and smoky crystals


This is a very elegant onyx necklace, pearl and smoky crystals mala rosaries style. It is a unique creation, unrepeatable due to the unique shape of the two crystals that I’ve used.

SIZE: Have 18″ (46cm) from the back of your neck to the bottom of the pendant when worn. The smoky crystals pendant measures 2,36 ” (6cm).

About stones

Is said about Black Onix to promote self-control and helping the wearer to keep emotions and passions under strict control. It is also believed to promote strength and vigor and to encourage to the making of wise decisions. Black Onyx is a soothing stone to help against fears and worries, to help you to feel comfortable within yourself. Is a good stone to have around you, during times of mental or physical stress, because it provides strength and great support during life difficulties.

Smoky Quartz
This stone it will bring you down to earth quickly. Its strong energy moves down from the base chakra through the earth star chakra and will ground you to Mother Gaia. These stones are strongly protective, are excellent stones for all of us to keep within our aura at all times. One of the benefits of natural smoky quartz is that… it has a strong ability to amplify the energy of not only itself, but also any other stones you may combine with it.


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