About us

Passion is the word that best describes the making process of any item created by me.

My grandfather was a craftsman and taught me the basics of craftsmanship when I was young. Now most of my products are made using the tools I have inherited from him and using the methods and techniques that he taught me.

Leather, wood or metal…the process is 100% handmade: cutting, tearing and staining, stitching and sewing, assembling and finishing…everything is done using traditional tools, methods and techniques.

Each material is carefully selected to assure a high quality for every product. I use natural leather, rustic pattern, recycled paper, cotton or linen rope and natural bees wax for my handbound journals, reclaimed wood and eco oils or paint for small furniture pieces, metal parts and old mechanical gears for my steampunk style lamps.

Most of my products are one of a kind.